Publications 2015

Science Level 1

1.       Barrera, Ernesto L.; Spanjers, Henri; Solon, Kimberly; Amerlinck, Youri; Nopens, Ingmar; Dewulf, Jo. Modeling the anaerobic digestion of cane-molasses vinasse: extension of the Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 (ADM1) with sulfate reduction for a very high strength and sulfate rich wastewater. Water Research, Vol. 71, Marzo. 2015.

2.       Caraballoso Granado, Katia; Romero Romero, Osvaldo; Castro Rodríguez, María Elena. Auditoría de información como instrumento de gestión en la biblioteca de la Universidad de Sancti Spíritus. Revista Cubana de Informacion en Ciencias de la Salud 02/2015.

3.       Caraballoso Granado, Katia; Romero Romero, Osvaldo; Castro Rodríguez, María Elena; Fabregas Caballero, Cibelis Irercis. Programa de alfabetización informacional para el personal bibliotecario de la Universidad de Sancti Spíritus. Revista Cubana de Información en Ciencias de la Salud 02/2015. SCOPUS.

4.       Jiménez, Janet; Guardia-Puebla, Yans; Cisneros-Ortiz, Margarita E.; Morgan-Sagastume, Juan M.; Guerra-Rivera, Gilda; Noyola, Adalberto Optimization of the specific methanogenic activity from anaerobic co-digestion of manure and straw, using industrial clay residues as inorganic additive. Chemical Engineering Journal, 259, 703-714. Volumen 259, 1 January 2015, Pages 703-714.

5.       López González, Lisbet Mailin; Pereda Reyes, Ileana; Romero Romero, Osvaldo; Budde, Jörn; Heiermann, Monika and Vervaeren, Han. Antagonistic Effects on the Methane Yield of Liquid Hot-Water Pretreated Press Mud Fractions Co-digested with Vinasse. Energy Fuels, Vol. 29, No.11, 2015.

6.       Pacheco Paladini E., Gómez Avilés B., Rangel Broche G.,  Castellanos Gómez A. Development and application of a model to minimize variability in a vegetable pulp productive process. Journal of Food Process Engineering.  Vol. 38, 2015.

7.       Pérez-Álvarez, R.; Santiago-Pérez, Darío G.; Chico, Leonor. Continuum model for low-frequency phonons of boron nitride nanotubes. Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures. Vol. 74, November 2015.

8.       Trallero-Giner, C.; Santiago-Pérez, Darıo G. ; Ming-Chiang Chung;  Marques, G. E. and Cipolatti, R.  Damping of confined excitation modes of one-dimensional condensates in an optical lattice. Physical review. Vol. 92 No.4, 2015.

9.       Rodríguez-Hidalgo, Roberto C., Chang Zhu, Frederik Questier, and Aida M. Torres-Alfonso. 2015. “Using Social Network Analysis for Analysing Online Threaded Discussions.” International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research 10 (3) (April 18): 128–146.

10.   Santiago-Pérez, Darío G.; Trallero-Giner, C.; Perez-Alvarez, R.; Chico, Leonor and Marques, G. E. Electron-phonon deformation potential interaction in core-shell Ge-Si and Si-Ge nanowires. Physical review B. Vol. 91, No. 7, 2015.

11.   Vasilevskiy, Mikhail I.; Santiago-Pérez, Darío G.; Trallero-Giner, Carlos; Peres, Nuno M. R. and Kavokin, Alexey. Exciton polaritons in two-dimensional dichalcogenide layers placed in a planar microcavity: Tunable interaction between two Bose-Einstein condensate. Phys. Rev. B 92, 245435 – Published 22 December 2015.